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Garage Center

5.550 BD

CRAZE CloudSlime Cloud Slime Box Ball Clay Cloud Slime Modelling Set Craft Set Unicorn Box Piggy Bank

5.900 BD

CRAZE 150g Schaumartige Knetmasse mit Schmelzeffekt Galaxienstaub Knete Magic Ice Cream 150 g Foam-Like Clay with Melting Effect Galaxy Dust Putty in Three Colours + Accessories

6.600 BD

CRAZE CloudSlime FloMee FLO MEE and Cloud Slime Modeling Set Tina and Amadeus Craft Kit, Multicolor

6.500 BD

Craze Magic Slime – DIY Slime Unicorn

6.550 BD

4M Kidz Labs Dig a Triceratops Skeleton

7.000 BD

4M Kidz Labs-Velociraptor Skeleton Excavation

7.000 BD

4M Create A Night Sky Projection Kit

6.000 BD

4M Kidz Labs Dig a Brachiosaurus Skeleton

5.800 BD


7.900 BD

4M Easy-to-do Knitting Art Kit

8.300 BD

My Vanilla Candle Making Lab

6.800 BD

My Unicorn Soap Making Lab

6.800 BD

DIY Garden Set – Tree of Creativity – Blue

4.950 BD

DIY Garden Set – Rotating Paradise – Blue

4.950 BD

Maped Creativ Mini Box Mosaic Stickers Kit

2.150 BD

Maped Creativ My First Stamps Kit

3.500 BD

Maped Creativ: Mini Box Aquarium to Color

2.150 BD

Maped Creativ: My First Collages

3.500 BD

Maped Creativ : My First Stickers

2.100 BD

Maped Creativ Window Color Kit

4.100 BD

Maped Creativ: Textur’ Art – Drawing by rubbing

7.000 BD

Maped Creativ: My First Finger paint

3.500 BD

DISCOVERY Mindblown Wind Turbine Glider Kit

22.600 BD

Discovery Inflatable Easel with Paint One Size Blue

14.600 BD

DISCOVERY -Robotic Arm with Hydraulic

21.500 BD

4M Aqua Fish Solar Hybrid Power Robot Kids Science Kit

8.900 BD

4M Intruder Alarm Robot Kids Science Kit

9.000 BD

4M Green Science Rover Robot Kids Science Kit

9.300 BD

My Dream House Paradise

15.125 BD

DIY Jewelry Earphone

4.950 BD

5D Table Color Dough

7.000 BD

5D Color Dough

5.000 BD

Crayola Spin & Spiral Art Station

16.800 BD

DIY Disassembly Friction Sanitation Truck Set

4.100 BD

DIY Disassembly Friction Farmer Truck Set

4.100 BD

DIY Disassembly Friction Farmer Truck

1.700 BD

DIY Puzzle Handmade Color Mud – 6

1.300 BD

DIY Puzzle Handmade Color Mud

2.400 BD

DIY Funny Mini Car Color Mud

3.600 BD

DIY Pasta Machine Color Mud

3.000 BD

DIY Puzzle Handmade Color Mud – 12

2.100 BD

DIY Puzzle Handmade Color Mud – 8

1.800 BD

Hairdresser – Hairstyle Color Mud Series

1.700 BD

4M : Mould & Paint Crafts – Garden

5.500 BD

4M French Knit Butterfly Kit from Little Craft Kids, Specially Designed Knitting Reel Lets Kids Make Their Own Yarn Butterflies, Ages 8+

3.500 BD

4M Glitter Princess Mould and Paint – Multi-Coloured

4.100 BD

DIY Rope Bracelet & Hair Editor

8.175 BD

DIY Stitching Dream Villa – 95pcs

11.000 BD

Monster Hat – Girl’s Creator

4.200 BD

DIY My Dream House Paradise- 65 pcs.

13.050 BD

DIY Ceramic Painting Tea set 18pcs.

4.725 BD

Electric Balloon Pump – HT-508

8.800 BD

Electric Balloon Pump – 73005

6.800 BD

CRAZE FloMee FLO MEE Modeling Craft Set Unicorn Horse plasticine, Multicolor

8.750 BD

CRAZE FloMee CloudSlime FLO MEE + Cloud Slime Unicorn Craft Set Horse Ball Plasticine, Multicolor

9.850 BD

Craze modelling set Flo Mee Bakery girls foam 8-piece

8.750 BD

CRAZE FloMee CloudSlime FLO MEE + Cloud Slime Horse Modeling Craft Set Putty, Multicolor

9.850 BD

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Princess Costumes Playset

7.225 BD

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Mermaid Costumes Playset

7.225 BD

Crayola Glitter Dots Sparkle Charms, Kids Jewelry Crafts

7.850 BD

Crayola Glitter Dots Jewelry Making Kit

7.850 BD

Crayola Glitter Dots DIY Keychains Craft Kit

7.225 BD

Crayola Craft Confetti Party Animal Poppers

5.125 BD

7.5″ Kaibibi Baby Doll with DIY Jewelry (2 colors)

4.750 BD

Ceramic Painting – Fruit & Pot

2.325 BD

DIY Stylin’ Watches : 5 Designs set

2.450 BD

Toyish My Racer

3.800 BD

Toyish My Dancer

3.800 BD

DIY My Dream House Villa

15.375 BD

Hi Swell Scented Jewelry Design Set

4.900 BD

DIY Rope Bracelet

2.825 BD

4M Green Science Solar Rover

9.650 BD

4M Steam Powered Girls Crystal Garden Toy

8.500 BD

4M Steam Powered Girls Music Circuit Kit, Brown/a

9.300 BD


8.900 BD

4M Little Craft Dream Catcher Making Kit, Multi Colour

3.500 BD

4M Little Craft Garden Stone Painting, Multi Colour

3.500 BD

4M Steam Powered Girls Optical Mood Lamp Kit

8.900 BD

4M Lantern Painting Kit from Little Craft Kits, Let Your Imagination Fly, Turn a Paper Lantern into a Masterpiece, Ages 8+

3.500 BD

4M Little Craft Mini Plates Painting Kit, Multi Colour

3.500 BD

4M Paint Your Own Mini Tea Set

7.900 BD

4M Kidzmaker Origami Flower Lights Kit

8.275 BD

4M Flamingo Room Light Craft Kit

8.275 BD

My Winter Perfume Making Lab

6.450 BD

4M : Mould & Paint – Glowing Owls

6.700 BD

4M : Mould & Paint Crafts – Llama

5.500 BD

4M : Mould & Paint Glitter Crafts – Fairies

4.500 BD

4M : Mould & Paint Crafts – Sealife

4.100 BD

4M Kids Motorised Robot Hand Building Set

7.750 BD

4M Kidz Labs Kitchen Science

6.200 BD

4M Green Science Weather Station

8.275 BD

4M Green Science Salt Water Powered Robot Kit – Green Energy Robotics STEM Toys Educational Gift for Kids & Teens, Girls & Boys

8.275 BD

4M “Green Science Weather Science Toy

8.275 BD


8.275 BD

4M Tin Can Robot – DIY Science Construction Stem Toy For Kids & Teens

7.025 BD

4M Green Science Solar Robot

9.700 BD


9.425 BD


9.300 BD

B/O DIY Electricity Suit Urban Rail Train set

8.175 BD