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DISCOVERY Kids: Starlight Lantern

9.200 BD

Discovery Kids Wall and Ceiling Art Projector with Markers

10.400 BD

DISCOVERY Mindblown Wind Turbine Glider Kit

22.600 BD

Discovery Kids Deluxe Chalk Blast Set

9.750 BD

Discovery Inflatable Easel with Paint One Size Blue

14.600 BD

Discovery Mindblown Toy Excavation Science Kit Mini Fossil 2pc

7.100 BD

Discovery #MINDBLOWN 2-in-1 Reversible Planetarium Space Projector – 360-Degree Rotation – Moving Stars Mode and Stationary Viewfinder Mode

17.800 BD

Discovery Mindblown Mini Shark Tooth Dig Set

6.250 BD

Discovery Mindblown Magnetic Blocks Set 26 Pcs

17.900 BD

DISCOVERY-Kids Bubble Wand Mega Loop

9.200 BD

Discovery Mindblown Mini Gem Stone 2Pcs

6.250 BD

DISCOVERY -Robotic Arm with Hydraulic

21.500 BD

Mini Construction Trucks – 8PCS

1.675 BD

Discovery Kids Neon Glow Drawing Easel w/Color Markers, Built-in Kickstand/Wall Mount, Choose from 6 Light Modes, Easy to Clean/Washable, Wide Screen, Flat Storage, Great for Children, Multicolor

8.750 BD

Discovery Kids #MINDBLOWN Solar Land and Sea Vehicles, Kid’s DIY STEM 26-Piece You-Build-It Experiment Set for Children Ages 6+ and Older, 7 Renewable Energy Hands-On Learning Activities

9.175 BD